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So it seems that I am now full swing into using CodePlex as an aid for developing my 530/445 project. My first version is very rough and only works on my machine as it has a direct link to the SQL Server Express installation I am running. Another version, which will hopefully even be released before the 0.2.0 release, will include support for a standalone database for capturing the packet information using Microsoft's recently released SQL Server Compact edition.
This will get something out there that you guys can actually use so that hopefully I can start to get some feedback pertaining to bugs and features from the community.

This project is being developed for two project courses in my major. As such, the project itself and a presentation of its use will account for 70% of my grade in CSC530 and 30% of my grade in CSC445. Needless to say, I am hoping to give this site a lot of attention throughout this semester.

In regards to CodePlex itself, I am happily surprised that Microsoft has pushed this product for our free use. Recently I have found that many of Microsoft's products have actually helped me more than I would have expected. It has become a running joke between my wife, the family Microsoft guru, and I that my "linux" and "boo microsoft" tendencies are being outpaced by my acceptance of Microsoft's products. I think we will really see at the end of this project just how much I am willing to accept Microsoft's solutions over their competitors. So far, all of my choices have been one's that use a Microsoft solution. The docket for the program includes development in Visual Studio 2005 Standard and SQL Server 2005 express running on Windows Vista Business edition. This will tentatively interface with a server provided on campus for class use with SQL Server installed and the capability to serve ASP pages.

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